Young & Co.’s Brewery Case Study – Boosting Compliance

Find out how pub chain Young & Co.’s Brewery have managed to boost their compliance score and increase team engagement in 2020. 

In the service sector, compliance training is a fundamental part of your operation. With a constant stream of new and updated regulatory guidance, keeping on top of compliance training can be an ongoing challenge for many operators. And for an industry that is made up of predominantly deskless workers, facilitating compliance training can be even more of a struggle.

This week, we take a look at how pub chain Young & Co.’s Brewery have managed to boost their compliance scores across their 208 sites using the CPL Learning platform

Youngs & Co.'s Brewery - Case Study

Compliance Challenge

While COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the whole hospitality and leisure sector, the enforced closure did bring about a rare opportunity for many operators to make some positive changes in their business. Young’s decided to use this time to review and revise several areas of the business and explore some new ways of working that ultimately would put them in a strong position when it came to reopening. Tracy Dodd, People Director at Young & Co.’s, said: “COVID-19 had a huge impact on our business and the lockdown came with many challenges.  We took the opportunity to make some positive changes in the business – this is a once in a generation opportunity with the country being closed to rebase all areas of our business and restart with a new way of working and new outlook on why we do certain things.

“During lockdown, we encouraged our teams to bring their learning up to date and keep engaged with us as a business so they were ready to get back to work with all the new information they needed to do their jobs safely.  Once we had the basics in place and logging on to the CPL portal became a good habit, we introduced reasons to visit so that as we came out of lockdown the momentum didn’t dip.”

Taking Action

By analysing what they were aiming to achieve and creating new reports based on the new objectives, a new business-wide compliance report was built that allowed managers and directors at all levels to interpret the data in the clearest way. Alongside a company-wide communication strategy that highlighted the importance of compliance in achieving excellence across the business.

The new centralised reports highlighted clearly the most useful data available across all stages of employee lifetime, including managing the onboarding of new starters where there is immediately a huge task in getting compliance training up to date.

Getting a Boost

The new reporting system has simplified the process and allowed managers to easily utilise the data and turn this into actions across their sites leading to a huge 203% increase in platform logins compared to the previous year. And by focusing on compliance training during lockdown Young’s reported a huge 307% increase in course usage during March-July 2020 and have seen a 29% increase in compliance scores since March, with 70% of the managed estate now 100% compliant.

It has been a pleasure working with the team at Young & Co.’s to help boost compliance across the business and incredible to see such amazing results during such a challenging time. Tracy added: “In the past, the CPL portal was a functional tool to track compliance, our aim and the pathway we are on, is to make it the hub of all our communication, information and engagement.”

If you would like to talk to us about boosting your own compliance scores in your business, then talk to us today about how we can help you achieve this.

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