4 Things Your Teams Need to Know When Reopening

Training your teams in advance will give you the best chance of a successful reopening and manage everyone’s expectations and responsibilities.

Living life in lockdown has inevitably changed the way we all go about our lives for the foreseeable future. Everyday tasks like going to the supermarket now involve social distanced queues, PPE and hand sanitiser stations. After periods of closure, it’s important to ensure your teams are confident in delivering the expected level of hygiene, safety, and service.

But how do you build this confidence? You can start by delivering training to your teams that allow them to be confident in how to deliver service in a new world. We’ve developed a new learning programme that will deliver the training your teams need, in one place and accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Here are four things your teams will need to know when you reopen, and how our training programme delivers this.

4 things your teams need to know when reopening

1. How to be COVID secure

Your operation will need to be compliant with the most up to date government guidelines in order to reopen. And that means your teams will need to be aware of social distancing rules, hygiene standards, cleaning practices and any other guidance outlined by the government. Compliance with these guidelines will be crucial, and by completing our COVID Secure module, you will be able to demonstrate the level of compliance your business has with a record of completed training certification. This is something that should also be communicated with your guests to help build their confidence in your operation.

The COVID Secure module is available now as a mandatory part of the Team Member Ready to Serve programme.

2. How to handle communications with customers  

Your teams may have had training in the past in order to comply with relevant industry-specific regulations and legislation such as age verification to sell alcohol or allergen awareness to serve guests safely. The ease of communication on such things between your teams and your guests is something that would have been taken for granted in the past. Post-lockdown there are new considerations. Have you changed the use of menus for guests? And if so is allergen information still communicated effectively? What about checking ID? Are your teams still able to handle a customer’s ID? If so, how can they do so safely? Training your teams in these things will be essential when reopening.

The Age Verification and Allergens refresher modules are available now as part of the Team Member Ready to Serve programme.

3. How to deliver excellent customer service with social distancing

Providing your guests with an enjoyable experience while complying with government guidelines will continue to present a challenge to your teams. Customer confidence may be low, but as we have seen when restrictions are relaxed after previous lockdowns, people will be keen to experience something different after lockdown. Delivering an excellent customer experience will be imperative to capitalising on those initial customers, who will spread the word on what their experience with you was like. Our Ready to Serve learning programme will deliver several modules covering all aspects of delivering customer service. Our Delivering Guest Excellence module will prepare your teams for this challenge and build on the skills they already have so you can be confident in a positive experience for your guests. We have also developed our Delivering Hospitality in a Sterile World module, which further explores the specific challenges that arise from delivering hospitality post-lockdown.

Both Delivering Guest Excellence and Delivering Hospitality in a Sterile World modules are available now as part of the Team Member Ready to Serve programme.

4. How to be safety and hygiene compliant

As hospitality and leisure sector operators, you will be used to maintaining a high standard of hygiene, cleanliness and safety for your customers. When reopening, your teams will need to be prepared to deliver an even greater standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

There are a number of challenges specific to reopening after lockdown that will be relevant. As well as an overall aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there will be a need for additional cleaning and checks of your building, equipment, food and drink preparation areas and storage areas – and then the maintenance of these things thereafter. Are your teams aware of what to do in a medical or fire emergency when you reopen? It’s important that your teams are knowledgeable on what to do in an emergency and precious time is not lost in the event of a fire because they are unsure of how to manage this situation post-lockdown.

Our Ready to Serve programme covers a whole host of cleaning and safety topics, including Fire Safety and Food Safety as well as Cellar Premises and Maintenance and Hygiene. We have also developed modules that cover bar prep and cleaning, which will be important for bar team members who may have the task of maintaining front of house guest relations as well as hygiene and safety in the preparing and serving of drinks.

Our Spirit Service and safety and hygiene modules are available now as part of the Team Member Ready to Serve programme.

We know that preparing your teams for reopening is a challenging time. And we are committed to delivering all the essential training your teams will need when they return to work.

Our modules are reviewed regularly so you can rest assured that the programme offers the most up-to-date guidance available. You can access the Team Member Ready to Serve programme here

You can also access the Manager Ready to Serve programme for free now, this learning activity is the perfect introduction to these topics and provides clear guidance on what you will need to consider when providing training to your teams. The Team Member programme then provides in-depth training on all the topics so that your team can deliver service and sales in this new environment.

Talk to our team today about discounts for multiple course purchases so you can deliver training to your whole team, accessible anytime and anyplace.

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