Furloughed Employees Can Continue Personal Development

CPL Learning talk through guidance on supporting the personal development of team members when furloughed.

The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been a valuable lifeline to many businesses. Allowing them to retain their teams and place them on furloughed status rather than having to declare redundancies. And during this time, you may be wondering what your teams could be doing at home to support their own personal development and keep them engaged while not working.

CPL Learning has put together a guide on everything you need to know about personal development while your teams are furloughed.

Personal development for your teams

What personal development can my team do while furloughed?

The government has updated their guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which confirms furloughed employees can continue training.

“The Government have now made it clear that employees can continue training while classed as furloughed and that they are encouraging businesses to facilitate this,” said Jamie Campbell, Chief Operating Officer at CPL Learning. 

“The guidance also states that in most cases the furlough payment of 80% of an employee’s regular wage, up to the value of £2,500, will cover the cost of these training hours so the employer will not have an additional cost” continued Campbell.  

This gives employers an opportunity to support their furloughed teams with their personal development as well as keeping teams engaged in the business at a time when communication is more important than ever.

How will personal development help my furloughed team?  

Encouraging your team to utilise personal development courses during furloughed time is a positive way for your team members to remain connected and engaged with your business via the CPL Learning platform.

“We feel this is an extremely positive development and will allow hospitality team members to remain connected and engaged to their employers while furloughed. When teams return to their businesses, we know operations will need to be as focused and efficient as possible. So, encouraging engagement and skill development in this downtime is crucial, so your biggest assets are ready to deliver.” Continued Campbell.

What resources could my team benefit from?

CPL Learning has already launched a range of free learning resources to support the hospitality sector in navigating this challenging time with over 168,000 courses allocated so far. This includes our Mental Health Support Champion and Personal Resilience courses to help support people’s emotional well-being.

We’ve also discounted a wide range of our online courses by 75% to help employers support their teams. We’ll be adding new courses and resources regularly, so you’ll be able to continue to support your furloughed teams in their personal development at home.

“We will continue to support the hospitality sector during this time and will be releasing a series of free courses to help those still trading and individuals who are looking to use this time to develop personally. Our teams are working on a whole host of new e-learning courses, and we are looking forward to sharing these in the upcoming weeks. There are also some further projects in development that we will be shortly launching that will help engage the great people that make up our industry.” Campbell added.

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