How to Gain Your Personal Licence Qualification Online

CPL Learning offers new online personal licence qualification you can get at home.

Now that we are all having to do our part in social distancing to help control the spread of COVID-19, service providers are looking for ways to continue to offer the service they are relied on for in these new and challenging times. As a result, we at CPL Learning knew we needed to find a way to still offer the APLH and SCPLH qualification service we are depended on to provide. We are now pleased to launch our fully online personal licence e-learning course and remote invigilation service for both APLH and SCPLH.

We have made the decision in consideration of the latest government advice and have postponed all our face-to-face courses and exams. The new online course and exam will allow our learners to successfully complete their personal licence training and exam remotely and gain their qualification.

Online Personal Licence

How does the online personal licence course work?

We have offered our e-learning personal licence course for some time. Learners are given access to the Award for Personal Licence Holders e-learning course and are provided with a handbook to help them learn the material. The course modules can be completed in the learner’s own time and at home.

What’s new is the remote invigilation process. Learners will choose an isolated area where they won’t be interrupted and will be able to complete the examination. Then learners will use their unique credentials to log in to the online platform and will register by entering their details and ID confirmation. Delegates will then sit the exam at home.

What equipment will I need?

Candidates sitting the remote exam will be required to prove they are complying with exam conditions. They will need to use their smartphone and webcam to film around their environment to show they are in an isolated area and have no notes or learning aids to hand. They will then use their smartphone to film themselves through the completion of their assessment.

So, to complete the exam, learners will need to make sure they have the following equipment:

  • Isolated area
  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • Smartphone
  • Identification

The set up for the remote examination will take just five minutes, and there will be support available in case of any issues.

How does invigilation happen?

The invigilators of the exam evaluate each learner’s performance and look out for the tell-tale signs of cheating. The online invigilators are experts and their process has been proven to quickly identify dishonest actions of anyone sitting the exam. If you are found to be in breach of any of the exam conditions, then you won’t be able to gain your qualification. But as you will be well prepared with the supporting course content, there won’t be any need to cheat!

Who should take the course?

There could be lots of your team that could benefit from obtaining their APLH or SCPLH personal licence. Some examples include your Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) or Designated Premises Manager (DPM), managers, assistant managers, supervisors or any team members seeking promotion to one of these positions.

If you’re in Scotland, you may be due to undertake your refresher training (SCPLH/R) for your personal licence. You are able to complete the refresher qualification online through our sister site CPL Training. If your business is currently closed, it is still wise to keep up to date with your personal licence requirements if you possibly can. If you are at all concerned about your ability to complete your refresher training at this time, we urge you to contact your local council and following their advice.

Having the ability to complete personal licence training online during this time can hopefully support businesses in keeping their personal licences up to date or having the possibility to train a new person of responsibility in your business, might be crucial to continue smooth operations in still running services.

We’re also offering a range of free and discounted online courses to support businesses in hospitality compliance, health and safety, personal development and much more.

Please get in touch with the team to find out more and don’t get to follow us on social for more course updates, services and important industry information.

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