4 Ways to Support Team Mental Well-being in Lockdown

As lockdown continues in the UK, employers must look at ways to support the mental wellbeing of their teams.

This is an extremely worrying time for business owners in the UK, and particularly for those in the hospitality and leisure sector. They have arguably been hit longest and hardest of all industries due to the nature of social distancing and even in the ‘soft lockdown’ phase people were advised to avoid places like restaurants and cafes. Finances and the economy are obviously a high priority in terms of planning – but as employers, it’s vital you don’t neglect your team’s mental well-being.

When the nationwide lockdown ends and we start to rebuild our economy, your teams are going to be at the forefront of rebuilding your business. So, looking after their mental well-being now is essential. But how do you do this? Here are some ways you can support your team’s emotional well-being during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Support Team Mental Well-being during lockdown


Keep communication lines open

One of the simplest things you can do to help support your team members is to keep the lines of communication open. Your team will feel reassured to receive updates from you as things develop. Many team members may be self-isolating on their own and may appreciate the support from their colleagues of an ongoing dialogue.

You could set up a Facebook group for your team members to communicate with each other and so you can check in with everyone from time to time. You could also utilise your CPL console to post updates and encourage people to share their news or tips for coping at home.

Another way you can keep up to date with your teams is by running surveys. You could utilise surveys to find out what your teams are concerned about or whether they would like you to share learning resources with them while they are at home.

Practical support  

The hospitality industry is a huge community, and many companies are offering support and advice to business owners and their teams. You can help your own and your team’s mental well-being by sharing advice and support you find useful. This could be in the form of sharing the latest government updates for employers and workers, or from industry support networks such as the Licensed Trade Charity.

The Licensed Trade Charity can offer practical advice on finances, benefits and priority bills and expenses. The more informed you are, the better placed you are to support your teams.

Shield Safety Group is another company offering support for business owners and their teams with a dedicated advice line.

There are other more general sources of mental well-being support as well, consider sharing resources from charities such as Mind to help your teams access support if needed.

What resources could my team benefit from?

CPL Learning has already launched a range of free learning resources to support the hospitality sector in navigating this challenging time with over 168,000 courses allocated so far. This includes our Mental Health Support Champion and Personal Resilience courses to help support people’s emotional well-being.

We’ve also discounted a wide range of our online courses by 75% to help employers support their teams. We’ll be adding new courses and resources regularly, so you’ll be able to continue to support your furloughed teams in their personal development at home.

“We will continue to support the hospitality sector during this time and will be releasing a series of free courses to help those still trading and individuals who are looking to use this time to develop personally. Our teams are working on a whole host of new e-learning courses, and we are looking forward to sharing these in the upcoming weeks. There are also some further projects in development that we will be shortly launching that will help engage the great people that make up our industry.” Campbell added.

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