Defra-Funded Plant Passport e-Learning Launched by HTA

The HTA launches the brand-new learning module, developed and funded by Defra and created by CPL Learning to help operators comply with the plant passport system.

The Plant Passport system is to make sure that plants being moved within Great Britain are healthy and traceable. Operators and suppliers of plants in GB will be familiar with the rules surrounding the movement of plants which includes all plants for planting, some seeds and seed potatoes.

Plant passports can be issued by the operator themselves, but they must be authorised by the relevant government body. In England and Wales the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA); in Scotland the Scottish Executive Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate (SERPID) Horticulture and Marketing Unit; and in Northern Ireland the Quality Assurance Branch.


Helping Operators

The Plant Passporting e-learning module, developed and funded by Defra and created by CPL Learning helps those professional operators who wish to become authorised, or who are already authorised to issue Plant Passports and maintain compliance with this system, helping to protect the environment from harmful plant pests and diseases.

The HTA launched the new voluntary e-learning course last week, in conjunction with the Animal and Plant Health Agency, with the first 10,000 courses being issued for free.

Lord Gardiner of Kimble, Minister for Biosecurity said: “The plant passport system ensures plants moved within Great Britain are both healthy and traceable to source. This Defra funded module is designed to help operators in complying with the plant passport system, to protect British businesses and our environment better from harmful plant pests and diseases.”

Working Together

The latest regulations regarding Plant Passports came into force in mid-December 2019, so all operators can benefit from the course content, which outlines the responsibilities of professional operators.

Alexandra Jenkins, HTA Learning and Development Manager said: “It has been an absolute privilege working on this project. Many months of hard work from all those involved, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Anything we can do to aid the processes of Plant Passporting, and biosecurity is of utmost importance.

Once again, our partnership with CPL Learning and our experience in learning technologies can be put to good use for our membership and the industry and we are honoured to support Defra on delivering this module.”

You can find out more about the necessary details regarding the module and how to access it here.

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