Are You Ready to Serve? Prepare for Reopening with CPL Learning

Development is underway of a new learning programme to support hospitality businesses in preparing for reopening. Get Ready to Serve with CPL Learning.

At the start of 2020 no one could have imagined how different things would be just a few short months down the line for ourselves, our businesses, and our teams.

COVID-19 has changed the world, and hospitality businesses have been hit particularly hard. The very nature of hospitality is to create a social experience, so imagining life after lockdown in the wake of social distancing is a challenge 

One thing that has emerged from this crisis is the strength in the hospitality community. Organisations have banded together to support business owners and team members through these tough times.

Here at CPL Learning, we’ve joined forces with a number of organisations over the last couple of months to help support the hospitality industry. Such as partnering with UK Hospitality to launch the completely free e-learning platform UKH Pathway.  

And as we start to turn our thoughts to the easing of lockdown and the need to communicate effectively and plan for reopening, we want to continue to offer support to the hospitality industry. 

Are you ready to serve? Prepare for reopening with CPL Learning

What’s next?

Development is currently underway on our brand new ‘Ready to Serve’ learning programme which has been designed to help the sector reopen for trade when the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions start to ease in the UK.

We know there are a whole lot of operational and practical considerations that will need to be addressed for businesses to reopen, and we’ll be on hand to offer guidance on how to get your premises ready to serve and how to deliver service and drive sales as we get used to a ‘new normal’.

With expert insight and advice, this programme will help operators to be as match fit as possible.

What will be covered?   

We’re currently developing resources that will help operators with a number of practical operational considerations and help get their teams up to speed quickly and efficiently.

  • Delivering exceptional hygiene standards is going to be imperative in helping customers feel secure about visiting your establishment. Your teams will also need extra training in delivering the kind of hygiene levels that are necessary post-lockdown, and our resources will allow you to deliver this quickly to your teams as well as provide documentation of completed training.
  • Preparing your teams for adaptations in operations with pre-shift planning and checks training. Working with colleagues and customers while adhering to government guidelines may present new challenges, and it’s best to be as prepared as possible. 
  • Delivering customer service and guest excellence after lockdown is also going to present new challenges. What does customer service look like with social distancing? How can we deliver an excellent experience for customers in line with a new way of operating? 
  • Tensions will still be high as people venture out of their homes socially again, and this may mean there are extra considerations in helping customers feel safe and managing any conflicts that may arise.
  • Possible adaptations to your operating model may change how you gain sales; our resources will help guide you on how to maximise every sales opportunity and help fill the gap if you are looking at operating differently.
  • You may need to consider adapting your operations in line with the government’s COVID-19 Secure guidelines. The size of your estate or individual premises may have an effect on how you need to approach adaptations and it will be important to be able to access resources that provide guidance on this. 

This list represents just a portion of what will be on offer from our new initiative. We are committed to delivering everything you need to reopen your business efficiently and effectively.

As furloughed team members can still complete training we would encourage you to utilise this benefit in your preparation for reopening.  

All you have to do to be the first to hear about our learning programme and get yourself ready to serve is sign up below:

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