New e-Learning Platform for Hospitality Workers Launched

Hospitality trade body UKHospitality and CPL Learning have launched an online training platform for hospitality team members.

The last month has seen some of the most troubling times faced by the hospitality industry in our lifetimes. Companies big and small have joined forces to help support those affected by coronavirus in the UK. And as we continue into another week of lockdown in the UK, it’s important that the huge amount of furloughed hospitality workers in the country are supported while they wait to see what the future holds.

This week, UKHospitality and CPL Learning launch a new online training platform for hospitality team members. UKH Pathway is free to use while hospitality businesses remain closed due to the COVID-19 crisis and provides access to learning, well-being and personal development resources for furloughed team members.

UKH Pathway e-learning platform for hospitality workers launched


What is UKH Pathway?

Hosting e-learning courses tailored by CPL Learning providing hospitality employees with opportunities to develop their skills across a diverse range of subjects. UKH Pathway will provide links to mental and physical well-being resources, resources aimed at developing skills and competencies, and content tailored to hospitality skills. Users will be able to access a library of knowledge and keep a record of their achievements online.

Commenting on the launch, UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “UKH Pathway is a hugely valuable resource for hospitality employees looking to hone their skills and broaden their knowledge-base.

“Hospitality has been one of the hardest-hit sectors and our fantastic team members have, in many cases, been furloughed during the crisis. UKH Pathway gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their personal abilities. We hope that, not only will this provide employees with an outlet, it will mean we are in the best possible position to thrive once again when the crisis passes, and venues begin to reopen.”  

Supporting Hospitality

In these challenging times, nothing is certain, and no one yet knows how long social distancing is going to go on for and how it will impact the UK economy long term. The hospitality sector is the third-largest private-sector employer in the UK; double the size of financial services and bigger than automotive, pharmaceuticals and aerospace combined. Therefore, looking to support the thousands of people affected by the closures of businesses in the sector long term will be a vital part of rebuilding our economy when the time comes.

Although furlough has provided a lifeline to both employers and their teams, what happens next is unknown. Team members may feel isolated and anxious about the future, so it’s important they can feel proactive and like they are taking back some control. Having access to personal development resources means that team members can upskill in the current downtime and bring their new skills to the job when the doors finally reopen. For those worried that their status may mean redundancy further down the line, the ability to develop new skills means they will be in a stronger position to find new employment when the time comes.

Jamie Campbell, Chief Operating Officer at CPL Learning said: “We recognise that we need to continue supporting hospitality team members during this challenging scenario and provide them with a way to stay connected to our fantastic industry. The UKH Pathway is our first step in this process. It will allow individuals to further their personal development, clearly showing the commitment we, as a sector, have in developing people.

“The initial range of courses and content focuses on four topic areas: Wellbeing, Product, Personal Development and Hospitality. This is the first step of something that we believe will be an essential resource for the industry beyond the challenges we face right now, supporting career development across the industry.”

Sign up to UKH Pathway here:

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