Supporting Hospitality – Hospitality Action and Invisible Chips

Join us in supporting the sector and find out how Hospitality Action has been supporting hospitality workers during 2020.

The last year has been undoubtedly challenging for the hospitality sector. For the more than 3.2 million people employed in the sector in the UK, it has been stressful and worrying, with an estimated 600,000 workers – including seasonal workers whose positions were not refilled – having lost their jobs this year. For those that have retained their job, they may have experienced long periods of reduced income through being furloughed or returned to work in uncertain circumstances with a whole host of operational health and safety changes in place.  

Here at CPL Learning, we’ve tried to help support those affected team members and businesses by providing free learning and development resources throughout the year. We’re still updating and releasing new free content for teams and businesses, recently we launched our Aspire channel that has loads of amazing resources for hospitality teams. Our Mental Health Support Champion, Personal Resilience, Planning Delivery and Takeaway and Ready to Serve – Manager online courses are also still free of charge and are excellent resources for reopening planning and furlough training.

We wanted to extend our support further to address the practical problems that individuals might be coping with. That’s why from today with every purchase of our Ready to Serve Team Member Programme, 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Hospitality Action.

Supporting Hospitality – Hospitality Action and Invisible Chips

Hospitality Action

We’re really excited to be supporting such an amazing charity. If you’re not familiar with their work Hospitality Action is a long-established group offering vital assistance to all who work or have worked within hospitality in the UK. From supporting hospitality workers through physical illness, mental health issues to financial difficulty and family problems, Hospitality Action is here to get you back on your feet again. Their website hosts a wealth of support resources from financial grants to advice guides on managing during the pandemic on their dedicated COVID-19 wellbeing hub. You can access advice and support services through the website as well as through their Hospitality Action Helpline and EAP Assistance line (details on the website).

Invisible Chips

Hospitality Action has been supporting the many people whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but things are likely to get worse before they get better for many people. Statisticians forecast that unemployment will hit 10% of the UK workforce by the end of the year -and hospitality will be one of the worst-affected sectors.  

Earlier this year Hospitality Action launched Invisible Chips. Hospitality venues play a huge role in all our lives, providing the backdrop and experiences surrounding the key celebrations and events in our lives and the time spent with our friends, family, and co-workers. COVID-19 has really shown us how much we miss these venues and has driven a huge public effort to support local operators where they can. The Invisible Chips campaign allows you to ‘chip in’ by buying, well nothing! Invisible Chips are simple to prepare, take up zero freezer space and never go past their use-by-date, but 100% of their cost goes directly to supporting hospitality workers in crisis.

And that’s why we’ll be adding Invisible Chips to our own ‘menu’. When you claim one of our free online courses, we’ll include a link to buy a portion of Invisible Chips to help support the sector. So, don’t forget to look out for Invisible Chips on our website and when you’re dining out during the festive season. And if you would like to support the campaign and stock invisible chips in your venue simply fill in the form here.

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