Training and the 24 Hour City – London at night

How London is using its night scene to create a thriving market across the city

Over the last year, CPL Online Executive Chairman Jon Collins has been working with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s Night Time Commission, helping the 27 commissioners shape their thoughts and conclusions to prepare a report on how London’s neighbourhoods can thrive across the capital and throughout the night.

London night

Expanding London’s nightlife

Central to the Commission’s work was a belief that London at night should be considered in the broadest of terms. All London boroughs, all night time activities and all Londoners. This ensured we did not retreat in to narrow thinking around late-night London with too much consideration of West End clubs, bars and restaurants.

The report sets out a series of recommendations that can help councils as they seek to manage the development of their neighbourhoods at night. It also proposes innovative new policies to give businesses the best chance to succeed in a managed approach to development which reduces pain points such as noise, residential disturbance and disorder.

Training Opportunities

The report also recognises the importance of training if we are to deliver that thriving, well-regulated night-time space. Council and police officers need support in their critical role as regulators of the night-time economy. Such training should not be limited to just a technical understanding of the relevant statutes. It should also offer a broader backdrop to what licensed premises bring to the community. By accessing the latest online courses and training materials, establishments can deliver a standard of customer service that helps drive custom.

That understanding is particularly important at a time when the vast majority of councils across London (and the UK) view the night-time economy as an opportunity for economic development to counter the loss of jobs and revenue as day time retailers struggle.

Think Night: London’s Neighbourhoods from 6 pm to 6 am Report can be viewed here.


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