UKH Calls on Government to be #FAIR4Hospitality

Trade body UKHospitality have launched their campaign, #FAIR4Hospitality to support the sector’s roadmap to restart.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hospitality sector, with a 21% decline in trade in the first quarter of 2020 as the industry moved into lockdown – 10% worse than the whole economy. Now there has been a near wipe-out of trade with around a third of businesses reporting that they will never reopen some sites. #FAIR4Hospitality outlines the key areas that the government can focus on to support the sector in reopening.

UKHospitality today call on the government to invest in a fair and timely reopening of hospitality businesses this summer, for the benefit of local communities, peoples’ jobs, national well-being and the British economy. The campaign highlights that businesses are ready to reopen in safe and sustainable way given the right government support.

#FAIR4Hospitality: UKH launches campaign to support reopening of sector

Roadmap to Recovery

As the Prime Minister begins setting out a roadmap for the sector to restart, and proposals soon to emerge in Scotland, the #FAIR4Hospitality campaign outlines four primary areas in which the Government can deliver for Britain and allow hospitality to play a leading role in the recovery:

  • Well-being: Endorse the sector’s best-practice protocols and risk assessments for a COVID Secure restart
  • Workers: Ensure the furlough scheme is retained at full rate for hospitality until businesses successfully restart
  • Communities: Regulate to provide a ‘National Time Out’ on rent payments for the remainder of the year and a solution to address debt and costs for business
  • Consumers: Cut the rate of VAT for hospitality businesses to help boost confidence and incentivise visits to tourist destinations

First Steps  

As a first step, UKHospitality has submitted its best practice health and safety protocols to ministers for endorsement, which emphasise that the sector needs flexibility to operate safely and should not be constricted by a one-size-fits-all approach given the diversity of businesses covered.

Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality Chief Executive, said: “Hospitality needs the UK and devolved governments to help us deliver for our customers, our employees, local communities and the wellbeing of the nation. We will be ready to restart (in England on 4th July and other parts of the country when allowed), but for the entire country to come together again after lockdown, governments must invest in a fair and timely return for hospitality and all those who rely on it.

“The sector provides jobs and livelihoods in every city, town and village. But we are more than that, our venues are where communities come together – our doors reopening will be a true measure of national recovery. It is vital that reopening is done in the right way, at the right time and with the right support so that our industry can help rebuild shattered consumer confidence and bring the nation back together safely over the coming months.

“The summer is a crucial time for the sector. The Great British public deserve safe accommodation, eating and drinking out experiences, holidays and leisure time; the financial cost is a justified investment in our nation’s well-being and the future of the economy.”

Supporting #FAIR4Hospitality  

UKHospitality’s #FAIR4Hospitality campaign highlights how recovery of the hospitality sector is key to rebuilding of the nation’s economy. Hospitality provides jobs in every city, town and village and the recovery of these jobs will play a crucial role in levelling up the economy. Summer revenues are crucial and without them a quiet winter will spell the end for many businesses, with rural and seaside communities suffering disproportionately.

The Great British public deserve safe venues for eating and drinking out, safe holidays and leisure activities and the financial cost of supporting these businesses is a justified investment in the future of the economy.

UKHospitality calls for operators and stakeholders to support the campaign and spread the word via social media and by contacting your local MP to play your part in ensuring a fair and timely return to hospitality.

CPL Learning are also committed to supporting the safe and timely reopening of hospitality businesses. The COVID19 Secure Guidelines for Hospitality Businesses highlight the importance of training for teams returning to work, and we are currently developing our Ready to Serve learning programme to support businesses in delivering this crucial training.

We will also be supporting our clients in utilising our existing tools and services in the management of the return to work assessments and processes highlighted in UKH’s COVID-19 secure advice and risk assessment for hospitality draft document.  

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