Keep your team connected with Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats is here to help you manage your teams’ learning and development.

Setting time aside for your team is key to boosting engagement, maintaining focus and aligning individuals to their goals. This is where Coffee Chats can help.


L&D Managers, General Managers and others within the business can save time and improve communication by planning, recording and storing all interactions with their team online.

Whether it is by sending a quick invite, categorising catch-ups into a variety of topics such as “Agree Goals”, “Discuss Progress” or simply by having the ability to add notes during or after a meeting to maintain a record of discussion points, Coffee Chats keeps teams connected.

Informal Communication

It can be a challenge to record interactions with your team without it being too formal and becoming an obligation. Coffee Chats allows a more informal approach to these key interactions with your team, helping you manage their learning and development journey. By promoting engagement from your team and providing a platform to request your time, your team will feel more listened too, and this is great for team morale and retention.

Key Features

  • Simple to send and track invites
  • Categorise meetings by topic for easy reference
  • Add attachments to invites to aid preparation
  • Record notes during or after catch-ups
  • Keep a permanent electronic record of all meetings

Watch now to find out more

Coffee Chats is available to add to the CPL Console and App ensuring it is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Find out more here or why not request a demo.

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