Track, monitor and analyse progress, engagement and learning

Effective data analysis and reporting is key to team performance, organisation compliance and business insight. Our analytics tool interrogates Big Data in real-time and tracks the metrics important to your organisation. It compares performance over time, identifies trends, assists with forecasting and drills down into the detail laying behind headline reporting.

Data analysis using visualisation methods helps display and share large datasets in a straightforward way, helping minimise time otherwise allocated to get your chosen output.

Benefits to your business for you


Real-time Visual Data

Exportable Data

Easy to use

Standard or Bespoke

Maximising use of data analytics ensures you make informed, evidence-based decisions regarding performance and business goals, whilst also supporting communication and collaboration strategies.

To cater for different business needs we offer a variety of reporting dashboards available across our products and services. As part of our onboarding process we establish the key aims and desired outcomes of our clients in terms of reporting and data interrogation. A standard analytics tool is available or alternatively customised/bespoke report dashboard building is possible.

Our analytics engine has many benefits including tracking general usage of your LMS, such as course completions and compliance. Reporting dashboards contain filters and dropdowns to help serve the relevant data you wish to view/analyse. They also contain graphs, charts, diagrams, tables etc. providing clear visual representation of the data.

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