Coffee Chats

Improve communication by planning, recording and storing team catch-ups online

The Coffee Chats tool makes organising, managing and recording one-to-one meetings easy as this is all carried out online.

Setting time aside for team members is key to boosting engagement, maintaining focus and aligning individuals to their goals and targets. Coffee Chats helps companies achieve this and assists L&D Managers, Team Leaders, HR Managers and others within the business to have visibility of interactions.

Whether it is by categorising meetings into key topics such as learning and development, adding notes or by offering a full record of meetings that have occurred over a particular time period, Coffee Chats keeps teams connected.

Benefits to your business for you


Easy to send invites

Categorise meetings

Set notifications

Record outcomes

Coffee Chats are easy to create and schedule. The system has been created in such a way to support team members and development processes. 

Creating a Coffee Chat is really simple. You set date, time, location, planned discussion topic and include any additional information, then send out the invite. The request is sent to the recipient giving them the option to accept or decline. They will also receive reminder notifications prior to the catch-up.

When a user logs into the system, they will see the list of Coffee Chats they have scheduled. In addition, and depending on user permissions, the Coffee Chats they are managing/arranging are also visible.

Recording meetings online with Coffee Chats means that there is a permanent audit trail of frequency, purpose and notes taken, all available in one easy to use tool.

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