Boost team engagement, share knowledge and increase connection and interest

Organising and managing events online helps facilitate better communication and collaboration.

It is key to increasing event success and attendance. Setting up and managing events via a digital solution will help you collect and analyse event data and feedback quickly and efficiently resulting in increased team productivity and training opportunities.

Event types can include ‘registration of interest’ to help plan future events, ‘open events’ that team members can directly book onto or ‘invite only’ events.

Benefits to your business for you


Simple to Create

Store and View Event Details

Choice of Event Types

Notification Triggers

Events are easy to create, schedule, assign to organisers and publish. Creating an event provides you with the flexibility your business needs to organise meetings, seminars, conferences etc., in an efficient and effective way, saving time and unnecessary offline administration. 

To accommodate your requirements, there are a variety of event types and configuration options that can be used within the system. It is possible to set organisers, venues, trainers, event types, dates, times and additional documentation and information.

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