Empower your team with clear direction, feedback exchange and recognition

Appraisals allow teams and managers to communicate directly about colleague performance, development needs and career progression in a controlled, digital environment. They also assist organisations in retaining talent through the insight they provide.

Digital appraisals measure team members’ targets and objectives and monitor delivery via in-built customisable questions. The process is straightforward, assisting with time management as appraisals must be signed-off by both the team member and manager, resulting in improved and quicker communication.

Appraisals can be added to the Console LMS and App.



Two-way Communication

Defined Hierarchy

Range of Question Types

User friendly Sections

We know that the style and content within an appraisal is going to differ from one business to the next, so this flexibility is mirrored within the core content of the appraisal. Because of our hierarchy based system, we can share appraisals easily across the business to different sites, levels or job titles – it’s up to you.

Sitting within your own branded introduction page, a team member will start the appraisal process and have access to any documentation needed. A simple set of tabs guide you through the appraisal and each can be named to match your own internal language, with the number of tabs/sections also dictated by you.

Question types include variations of free text, multiple choice, drop down lists and ratings. They can be made mandatory if required and once finalised, are allocated to team members as you want them to be. The appraisal is only complete when all elements are agreed by the individual team member and manager and consequently signed-off.

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