Manage and monitor team tasks to meet deadlines and track performance.

Our digital authorisations tool allows businesses to organise and manage task lists online, helping prioritise actions, projects and team workloads.

A structured approach means authorisations can be set-up according to your needs. A simple list of actions can be allocated to sub-groups for example, reflecting team structures or multi-disciplinary focus groups. In addition, manager and final sign-off rules can be set, helping to embed a quality control process within the progression of activities.

Data collected and analysed with the tool provides insight which can be used quickly to increase team performance and identify training needs.

Authorisations can be added to the Console LMS and App



Simple set-up

View resources & comments

Choice of structure & rules

Dashboard reporting

Task authorisations are easy to create and assign to team members, managers and groups of users. We have designed the tool to accommodate the different needs businesses will no doubt have, therefore there are a variety of task authorisation types and sign-off options you can select from. All elements are fully configurable by your chosen admin user.

Setting up a task authorisation is really simple. You create the required task and decide how it is divided into actions for an individual or your team to complete, depending on their capabilities and/or training needs. The manager sign-off section can be viewed at any time and will show these actions and displays when they are completed and ready to be approved.

Each task authorisation can be set as a particular type, which can have associated resources allocated to it. If a resource has been attached to a task authorisation, sign-off is disabled until the associated resource has been reviewed. This is a great way to confirm certain policies and procedures have been read and understood, for example, if an individual is progressing through a company induction process.

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