Improve communication and engagement by encouraging team feedback

Digital surveys drive engagement, allowing team members to provide relevant and valuable feedback on topics important to them and the organisation. They are inclusive and easy to design and complete.

Surveys collect data in an efficient and consistent manner, whether they are company-wide or distributed to specific teams, for example, by job role, site location, site size etc. They are a quick and secure method of gathering insight and identifying trends.

Team engagement and consensus can be gauged by the responses to different types of survey, examples of which are opinion polls, topical questionnaires and exit surveys.

Surveys are available to add to the Console LMS and App.

Benefits to your business for you


User-friendly Sections

Easy Set-up & Distribution

Choice of Question Types

Dashboard Reports

Survey requests to your teams are configured as part of the set-up process. When creating a survey, an introduction page includes your branding, personalising it to your organisation. This page outlines the purpose of the survey to team members and encourages participation.

Distinct sections make surveys easy to complete and importantly, as the survey is specific to your business, you decide on the number and names of sections yourself. You choose how many questions there are per section and select which type of questions you wish to use, such as free text, multiple choice, drop down lists, ratings and date pickers, which you can tie in with the type of survey you are running.

Questions can be set to auto-populate with logged-in usernames, roles etc. and dynamic lists can also speed up data input by providing selection criteria for current users, sites, job titles and related information.

On completion of the survey, results are collated and displayed on visual dashboards. The dashboards will illustrate such things as team consensus, patterns and clusters, helping you monitor and assess results.

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