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Hospitality & Retail compliance, service, sales and personal development courses, available to purchase online

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E-Learning Packages- Hospitality

If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to train all your team members, then one of our e-learning packages could be for you. Choose from our wide range of e-learning courses and provide your team members with the knowledge and skills to run a safe and successful business. 

Compliance - Hospitality

Hospitality compliance courses providing the knowledge and skills to ask, for example, for proof of age, deal with drug use on premises and appropriately handle problems arising from these issues, ensuring companies fulfil their legal obligations as licensed premises.

Compliance - Health & Safety

Health and safety compliance courses to ensure your team is fully trained to keep themselves and others safe at work and that your company is legally compliant.

Compliance - Manufacturing

Food safety manufacturing compliance courses, covering a variety of topics ranging from allergenic contamination to pest control. The courses ensure staff involved in different types of manufacturing businesses can produce food that is safe for consumers.

Compliance – General

A choice of general compliance courses, introducing learners to the laws and regulations relevant to the workplace, ranging from GDPR to Disability Awareness, ensuring your team and business is compliant with legal obligations in a variety of areas.


Whether you work in a pub, restaurant, hotel etc., our hospitality training courses increase knowledge of the products you serve, the stock management process, ensuring the delivery of excellent customer service and efficient back of house management.

Personal Development

Courses that provide individuals with a range of skills to assist with their personal development, increase team motivation and engagement, as well as fostering career progression.


A selection of courses focusing on the wellbeing of your team including raising awareness of mental health.

Alcohol Licensing

This range of courses covers topics related to alcohol licensing in England, Wales and Scotland. It includes accredited personal licence qualifications.

USA Hospitality

A selection of courses created for the hospitality industry in the USA.